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Gaslight Credit Repair helps you achieve your financial goals

Tired of dodging phone calls, feeling like you could never purchase a new home, or that you are never going to get out of debt?  Gaslight Credit Repair is committed to helping you not only get out of debt but to improve your credit score in order to purchase that new home!  In three steps, we can help bring you from the brink of financial chaos to a beautiful new horizon of financial possibilities!

Step One:

Call for an introduction and set up a consultation appointment.

Step Two:

The consultation will provide the introspective outlook of your credit score and anticipated results.  The credit bureau process will be explained and anticipated results provided.  You may need credit enhancement as well as the deletion process.

Step Three:

As you receive your reports from Equifax, Transunion and Experian you will need to return for additional consultation to review your progress.  This will be by scheduled appointments.  Your credit will be pulled again as you achieve your goal to prove that you are close to where you want to be.  Each credit report is different just as are personalities or finger prints.  Your credit repair will be customized to your needs.  Many times we are able to remove from 25% to 90% of the items on your credit report.

So contact us today and take the first step on the road to credit recovery!

Licensed Real Estate Broker in KS & MO:
Kansas Lic.# BR00016889
Missouri Lic #199901714

Gaslight Credit Repair
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Office: 913-432-4758
Fax: 913-432-3518

Gaslight Credit Repair will help you rebuild your credit making homeownership a reality instead of just a dream. Our Credit Repair System will help you obtain the credit score that is needed to purchase.

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